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Get To Know Us.

We are a roleplay group that roleplays chicago based emergency services.


A police roleplay experience based on police departments in chicago and surrounding areas. With a focus on realism, we aim to closely emulate the practices of real-life police departments, while maintaining a fun and engaging environment.


Our realistic dispatch and communications roleplay keeps things organized and calm when the situations were dealing with aren't. It adds to the experience by ensuring that all our memebers are able to work together in a standard and professional manner.


We take pride in ensuring that our civilians provide a large variety of challenging and engaging scenarios that keep our officers on their toes. In Chicago Roleplay, even our officers take part, sometimes rotating into a civilian position so that there is more variety and more options for everyone.


Here at Chicago Roleplay we are building a team of involved and capable staff members that will ensure everyone continues to have a good time. We want to make sure that we build a good foundation, whether it's the technical side (servers, code, infrastructure), or the people side.


At Chicago Roleplay, we are working to facilitate a strong community through the use of multiple tools/facilities. With an well organized discord and teamspeak (and a forum on the way), members can talk to each other and share ideas to their hearts content.

Technical Team

With a skilled and dedicated technical team here at Chicago Roleplay, you can be assured that we will have the greatest in scripts, servers, etc. We write many of the scripts used in our FiveM server. We also have many of our own custom skins for peds and vehicles.

Download Links

Map Zoom Fix
Copy the ui folder and its contents from this archive, into "FiveM Application Data/citizen/common/data". Make sure to overwrite any already existing files.

TokoVoip TS3 Plugin
Above is the TokoVoip teamspeak plugin that you will need to install to play on our FiveM server. To download it, simply click the link above.

To download FiveM, visit their website using the link above. Then you need to click the "Download client" button.

To download Teamspeak, visit the link above, and click the appropriate download button for the OS of your choice. (Windows 64-bit for most users)

To download Discord, visit the link above, and click the appropriate download button for the OS of your choice. (Windows for most users)

Visual Settings
Go to your "FiveM Application Data/citizen/common/data" and place this file in there. If it asks to overwrite existing file say "yes" or "replace".

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